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Transwater Inc. is an Oil Field Automation and Water Management Company, formed to provide various oilfield related water services in the Permian Basin. Transwater Inc. has an extensive fleet of specialized equipment for frac pit construction, lining, fresh and produced water monitoring, and sonar mapping in the Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Process.

Transwater’s leadership represents several decades of oilfield experience.  Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the frac pit service Industry. Our main goal is to complete each job safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner. 

Transwater Inc. provides each location with:

  • Supervisors that are the best in the Industry
  • Experienced crews focused on safety and reliability
  • Competitive pricing that will make all jobs surprise free
  • Field Safety Leaders



safetyWe help create a safe work environment. Our crews are knowledgeable of industry best safety practices, which means that they are mentally prepared to perform at the highest level. Here are just a few ways we stay safe and compliant:

  • Safety Seminars
    Transwater Inc. is committed to providing all Company employees with a safe work environment. This commitment begins with the establishment of industry-leading expectations and monitoring these safety objectives on a daily basis. These Safety Seminars are provided to each new employee at the time of hire and will be a part of all existing employees on an annual basis.

    Topics covered are: Personal Protective Equipment, Proper Lifting Techniques, Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, Fire Prevention and H2S Gas Safety. To reinforce these initiatives, Bright Water Energy will develop a stringent Incident/Injury Reporting Program utilized to monitor daily work activities. All Company supervisors and employees will be trained on the identification of an incident, the proper procedure for treatment of an injury and the correct reporting of any incidents occurring in the work place. All incidents will be recorded, monitored and reported on a quarterly basis.
  • Transwater Inc. is proud to be a member of the ISN Network and PEC Safety
    ISN     PEC Safety
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
    Transwater Inc. is committed to providing its employees and customers with a drug and alcohol free workplace. Prospective employees are tested prior to their enrollment with Transwater Inc. . Additionally, all employees are continuously tested for drugs and alcohol on a random basis. Transwater Inc. practices a zero tolerance policy for any and all related offenses.
  • Commitment from management
    Our safety policies are backed by a commitment from management to our safety policy and procedures, effective job safety training for all new hires, job hazard analysis and incentive awards for exemplary safety performance.
  • Job Safety Analysis
    Transwater Inc. is committed to a safe work environment on a daily basis. Job Safety Analysis sheets or JSAs will be developed for all major job functions. These JSAs contain safety talking points for all aspects of our services from laying aluminum pipe to actually transferring water. Each day prior to starting work, Transwater Inc. supervisors will review these JSAs which each employee.

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frac tank

Introducing TransWatch water monitoring systems from Transwater. TransWatch brings you 24/ 7 on location remote water monitoring for your frac and reserve pits. Providing up- to-the-minute, accurate information for your fresh and produced water pits. The field can bring you uncertainty, but with TransWatch on the watch... you can be proactive!


Pit Liners

frac pit

We offer complete pit installation services from construction to lining. Transwater Inc. can also SAVE your present frac pit with Heat-Welding of your present liner.



oil field

Introducing TransMap a detailed and accurate sonar scan of you fresh water pit. Know exactly how many gallons and barrels of water and all the details of you frac pit before you start your next frac. With TranMap you can add a whole new level of certainty to your frac process.