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Frac Pit Mapping & Survey

You’ve spent countless man hours evaluating the opportunity, proving out the science, looking for the right location. Now the time has come, significant investments have been made, you’re on location and it’s time to make it happen.

What if in that moment you realized there was a problem? What if a simple miscalculation, or an educated guess just cost the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars?
Virtually every aspect of your job is down to exact science, but the fact is most engineers or people on location have no idea exactly how much water they have in their frac pit.
Why would you leave this one, critical component to a successful hydraulic fracturing completely to chance?

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Frac Pit Survey Services

The process is surprisingly fast and accurate. It all starts with our experienced, expert TransMap operator’s physical survey of your frac pit location. Then, utilizing our sonar equipped, remote operated scan boat, with GPS Satellite uplink to a board real time monitoring computer, we capture highly accurate underwater mapping of your frac pit.

The resulting information is processed into a full set of 3D frac pit model image, bathometry charts and depth reports. All are delivered to your desktop.

Now you have accurate data for, current water, potential water capacity and depth charts to let you know precisely how much water you have at each gauge level.

Don’t leave success to chance. Contact Transwater today and put TransMap to work mapping your frac pit locations!

Sample Survey Reports (PDF)

Sample Frac Pit Survey #1

Sample Frac Pit Survey #2

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frac tank

Introducing TransWatch water monitoring systems from Transwater. TransWatch brings you 24/ 7 on location remote water monitoring for your frac and reserve pits. Providing up- to-the-minute, accurate information for your fresh and produced water pits. The field can bring you uncertainty, but with TransWatch on the watch... you can be proactive!


Pit Liners

frac pit

We offer complete pit installation services from construction to lining. Transwater Inc. can also SAVE your present frac pit with Heat-Welding of your present liner.



oil field

Introducing TransMap a detailed and accurate sonar scan of you fresh water pit. Know exactly how many gallons and barrels of water and all the details of you frac pit before you start your next frac. With TranMap you can add a whole new level of certainty to your frac process.